Girls - Tech Solid Print Fill BL SSC-BLK - Apparel - Training Short-Sleeve Graphics YLG

Značka: Under Armour
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Under Armour Tech Print BL SSC Jn41 (translation is not needed as it is a proper noun representing a specific product name and usually remains the same across languages)

Detailní informace

Detailní popis produktu

The text refers to a specific product called "Under Armour Tech Print BL SSC Jn41." Since no additional context is provided, it is likely the name of an item of clothing or sports equipment from the Under Armour brand, notably from their Tech line, which might feature a printed design ("Print") and potentially aimed at a junior audience ("Jn41" could imply a size or age category). BL and SSC could refer to specific features or product identifiers, such as color, style, or collection.

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